Pamporovo Ski Resort

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Pamporovo Ski Resort

Pamporovo Mountain and Ski resort, Ski holidays in Bulgaria 

Pamporovo is located in the heart of the Rhodopi Mountains at 1650 m above sea level, 85 km south from Plovdiv and 250 km from Sofia. The resort has a unique claimed to time - this bright, modern ski resort is the sunniest mountain resort in Europe. It boasts no less than 270 sunny days a year on average, and in the winter manages an ideal combination - plenty of snow and plenty of sparking sunshine to show off the resort at its beds.

It is tailor-made for skiing, with quality hotels and really good selection of bars, restaurants and entertainment. Although particularly suited for beginners and intermediates, Pamporovo has a Giant Slalom run which really taxes the experts too.

Pamporovo Ski facts:

  • Altitude - 1650 m
  • Highest ski point - 1926 m
  • Marked ski runs - 25 km
  • Longest ski run - 4 km
  • Exposure of slopes - North, East, West
  • Cross-country skiing tracks - 38 km
  • 18 Lifts - 1 four-seat Dopplemeier, 1 three-seat, 1 two-seat, 2 one-seat, 4 drag lifts, 9 baby drags with total capacity of 8,500 persons per hour.

All ski lifts operate from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. with each lift closed for half a day a week and one full day per month for technical inspections.

The ski runs in Pamporovo come in all hardship levels. They are located between 1926 and 1450 m above the sea level on the Northern, Eastern and Western slopes of The Snejanka peak. The most difficult ski run is "The Wall". All major ski runs start from the peak of the mountain, where the TV tower is located. Great off-track skiing and snowboarding is available in this resort, however we recommend using a local guide when going off-track.

Hotels in Pamporovo Ski Resort


Orlovets Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

The newest five stars hotel in the resort centre

Pamporovo Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

Located in the center of Pamporovo ski resort, Price from 26 €


Perelik Palace Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

A new hotel complex near Stoikite village, Price from 26 € HB

Grand Hotel Murgavets, Pamporovo Ski Resort

Оne of the best hotels in Pamporovo

Belmont Hotel and SPA, Pamporovo Ski Resort

1000 meters away from ski-runs, Price from 31 € HB

Orpheus Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

The newest hotel 4*, 100 m from ski runs, Price from 27 € HB

Grand Monastery Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

It is situated 1680 м above the sea level, right on the ski runs


Snejanka Apart Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

Apartments in resort center, rent from 40 € per night

Perelik Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

Renovated hotel in resort centre, Price from 40 € AI

Monastery 2 Complex, Pamporovo Ski Resort

Early booking for aprtment for 4 persons - 1)%

Monastery 3 Hotel, Pamporovo Ski Resort

Studio and aprtments from 45 € rent