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Nessebar Resort - Summer 2013. Early booking discount for beach holidays in Bulgaria.

Nessebar is located 36 km northeast of Bourgas and 427 km east of Sofia. It is one of the oldest European towns and is declared a monument of culture under the protection of UNESCO. Situated on a small peninsula and on the land jutted out into the sea, its beach is considered to be the best along the Black Sea Coast.

The big sandy strip is covered with extremely fine and abundant clean golden sand. The nice romantic sea resort of Nessebar is best known for the old town (about 9000 years) on the peninsula. Today the old part of the town has regained its original atmosphere: narrow cobblestone lanes, tiny squares, two-storeyed period houses with stone-built ground levels and wooden upper floors jutting above the street. . The new town of Nessebar borders with Sunny Beach to the north

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Hotels in Nessebar Resort


Sol Nessebar Palace Hotel, Nessebar Resort

Price from 39 € AI, Early booking for 2013 - 15%


Festa Panorama Hotel, Nessebar Resort

Price from 31 € AI Summer 2013, Early booking - 15%

Sol Nessebar Mare Hotel, Nessebar Resort

Price from 32 € AI for Summer 2013, Early Booking -15%

Sol Nessebar Bay Hotel, Nessebar Resort

Price from 32 € AI Summer 2013, Early booking -15%