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Bansko Ski Resort

Bansko Mountain and Ski Resort

Bansko is a UNESCO world heritage site and Europe's largest ski town. The resort combine the facilities of a modern ski town with the sense of history. In the same day you can ski, golf and enjoy SPA centers.

The town of Bansko is located on 925 m. above sea level, and its skiing area is on 2000-2500 m above sea level.

Bansko is the new Bulgarian ski resort, recently discovered by the foreign skiers and tourists, but well known in Bulgaria. Bansko provides a superb combination of virgin nature of The Pirin mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian small towns. Bansko is not only a resort but also a beautiful historic spot

Bansko ski resort is situated in South-Western Bulgaria at the foot hills of one of the beautiful Bulgarian mountain Pirin. The Pirin mountain is a natural preserve included in the World Natural Heritage list.

The distance between Sofia and Bansko is 170 km. The nearest International Airport is the one in Sofia. Transfer time from Sofia to Bansko is 2,5 hours.

  • The skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent. The Pirin mountain has a predominantly Alpine character with 2 peaks towering above 2900 m. However, the slopes offer runs and tracks for all types of skiers and will suit both beginners and experts. The ski pistes are located in two main ski - centres- CHALIN VALOG (1100-1600 m) and SHILIGARNIKA (1700-2500 m). They are approximately 10 km above the town on the northern slopes of Pirin, which are easily accessed by the newly installed and impressive Gondola lift. Bansko has 70 km of marked ski runs.
  • The ski zone in Bansko is serviced by 22 km of speedy and 1 gondola lift, 5 four-seat chair lifts, 1 tree-seat chair lift, 3 anchor type tow lifts, 2 single tow lifts, 10 children dragger.

Surrounded by The Pirin, The Rila and The Rhodopa mountains Bansko is a nice mountain resort with short summer and long winter. Bansko ski school is a very good one. All school graduates receive skiing certificate. Children above the age of 6 can attend the ski school too. Ski rentals are available.

The town itself attracts visitors by its 120 cultural monuments, its museums and the permanent ethnographic exhibitions. A very interesting sight is The Holly Trinity church with its 30 m high bell tower and clock, splendid murals and woodcarvings.

  • Places to go - Of course there's a lot to see in the town of Bansko itself, with around 120 cultural and history monuments will have a lot to explore. Various souvenir shops offer the creations of the local artists and smiths.We also recommend a visit to the famous Rila Monastery and the busy city of Sofia.
  • The Bansko taverns, with unique charm and style offer local cuisine and good selection of Bulgarian wines. Live music is available at some places. "Dedo Pene"is one of the well known places to go. A big number of local cafes are serving any kind of refreshments. Discos and night clubs work without time limit, and usually close early in the morning.
  • Accommodation and catering: As one of the big ski resorts of Bulgaria, practically Bansko offers big opportunities in this respect satisfying visitors of different financial means. There are many luxury hotels. We strongly recommend you arrange your hotel and additional skiing service before you go to Bansko, as the resort is quite busy during the winter.. Bansko offers great skiing, beautiful nature and historical significance.

Ski facts:

  • Total Ski runs - 65 km
  • Longest Ski run - 16 km
  • Off - piste skiing - Great
  • Slopes exposure - North
  • Highest Ski point - 2560 m
  • Lowest Ski Ppint - 990 m
  • Max. vertical drop - 1570 m
  • Height of resort - 936 m
  • Drags - 6, Chairlifts - 7, Gondola - 1
  • Names of Ski runs - Todorka, Balkaniada, Shiligarnika, Platoto, Tzurna Mogila, Chalin Valog, Bunderitca
  • Artificial snow - Yes
  • Night Ski - Yes

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Special Early booking offers for Bansko Bulgarian Ski Resort are now available for winter season 2012/2013:

Hotels in Bansko Ski Resort


Kempinski Grand Arena Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Winter 2013 - Rate from 47 € per person BB

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

700 m from the lift, Early Booking discount 15 %


MPM Guinness Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Offer 2013 - from 21€, The cable car - 200 m from the hotel

Best Western Florimont Casino and SPA Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

A new luxury hotel complex, 7=6 for Winter 2013

Katarino SPA Hotel Complex, Bansko Ski Resort

10 km from Bansko resort

Perun Lodge Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

350 m from the lift, Rate from 62 € for studio Winter 2013

Vihren Palace Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Recommended hotel, Early booking -15 %, 7=5 Winter 2013

St Ivan Rilski SPA and Apartments, Bansko Ski Resort

Area -16 000 km² , 800 m from the lift, Winter 2013

Bansko Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Rate from 42 € Winter 2013, not-far from Gondola lift station

Pirin Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Rate from 41 € for Winter 2013, Free shuttle to the lift

Strazhite Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Rate from 45 € HB for Winter 2013, 150 m from the lift

Lion Hotel Bansko, Bansko Ski Resort

5 minutes walk to the lift, Rate from 33 € Winter 2013

Lucky Bansko Aparthotel, Bansko Ski Resort

From 27 € for Winter 2013, The ideal base to explore the slopes

Bansko SPA and Holiday Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

The new hotel close to the slopes, Early booking - 15 % 2013

Redenka Holiday Club Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Offer 7=6 Winter 2013, Rate from 35 € per Studio

SPA Hotel Emerald, Bansko Ski Resort

1-minute walk to the Gondola lift

Villa Roka Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

The unique design of the hotel, Winter 2013 - Offer from 23 €

Grand Montana Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Winter 2013 - Special offer 7=6, 5 minutes walk to the lift

Green Wood Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

6 km from Bansko, Special Offer 7=6 Winter 2013

Terra Complex ex White Fir Hotel Resort, Bansko Ski Resort

7=6, Rate from 28 € BB for Double Room Winter 2013

Panorama Resort Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

750 m from the ski lift,

MPM Hotel Sport, Bansko Ski Resort

Preffered hotel, Early booking - 20% for Winter 2013

Gardenia Park Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

In the center, Special offer 7=6 from 21 € Winter 2013

Dream Apart Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

The newly built hotel, Rent 72 € HB for Appartment 2013

Bulgaria Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Not far from the ski area

Belvedere Holiday Club Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

250 m from the gondola lift, Special Offer 2013 - 7=6


Royal Towers Apart Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

2013 Special offer for 7=6, 100 m from Gondola Ski Lift

Orbilux Aparthotel, Bansko Ski Resort

00 m away from the gondola lift, Early booking 20%

Mura Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

In the center of Bansko ski resort, Early booking - 15 %

Belmont Aparthotel, Bansko Ski Resort

5 min from gondola lift, Early booking 15%

Eagles Nest Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

10 minutes walk from gondola lift, Early booking discount 15%

Casa Florimont Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

2 km from the lift, Early booking discount 15%

Mont Blanc Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

5 min from the lift, Early booking 15%

Mountview Lodge Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

15 min to gondola lift, Early booking discount 15 %

Razlog Hotel, Bansko Ski Resort

8 km from Bansko

Pirin Place Aparthotel, Bansko Ski Resort

Near the gondola lift, Early booking dicount 20%

Northern Star Aparthotel, Bansko Ski Resort

200 m to gondola lift, Early booking discount 20%

Polaris Inn Aparthotel, Bansko Ski Resort

150 m to the lift, Еarly Booking - 20 %