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Sandanski - The Best SPA destination in Bulgaria for 2009

The town of Sandanski is located at an altitude of 224 m in the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, along Sandanska Bistritsa river, 160 km from Sofia. The resort is situated between Sofia and Thessaloniki, near the border with Greece and Macedonia.The resort climate is indeed UNIQUE. Throughout the year, local temperatures are higher then inland temperatures - the annual average being 14.7 °C. Winters are mild and short, autumns long and warm. Relative humidity is low (66%), there are over 2436 hours of sunshine a year and fogs are rare. The mineral waters are clear, colourless, odorless and pleasant tasting, silicic, mildly fluorine, hyperthermal (42-81°C), slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonic-sulphatesodium.

Sandanski is a popular place for the treatment of respiratory diseases, infectious allergic and disturbances of the locomotory system.

Resort conditions are particularly conducive to the treatment of bronchial asthma in its three forms atopic, infectious allergic and combined. Already during the first week a marked clinical improvement is observed, with fewer attacks both with regard to frequency, strength and duration, and in more than 55% of the cases they disappear completely.

The comprehensive balneo-climatic treatment in the resort also exerts a beneficial effect on a number of other conditions:

  1. a non-specific pulmonary diseases: chronic bronchitis, post-pneumonia or post-bronchopneumonia states, chronchiectasis, early pulmonary emphysema;
  2. conditions of the upper respiratory tract: chronic rhinitis, sinusitis;
  3. disturbances of the locomotory system of a degenerative or inflammatory origin: osteoarthrosis rheumatoid arthritis, tenosynovitis;
  4. neurological complaints: plexitis, radiculitis, slipped disc;
  5. allergic skin diseases: urticaria, psoriasis;
  6. some kidney and urological diseases and conditions of the digestive system;

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Hotels in Sandanski


Park Hotel Pirin, Sandanski

EuropeSPA Welness Regular prices 2011 from 55 €


Interhotel Sandanski, Sandanski

Price from 27 €

Medite SPA Hotel, Sandanski

Special Package 164 € for 5 Nights


Panorama Hotel, Sandanski

Special Price from 19.50 €

Panorama Hotel Special Package, Sandanski

Valid until 30 April 2011

SPA Hotel Sveti Nikola, Sandanski

Price from 23 €