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Oasis Boutique Hotel, Riviera Holiday Club


All in harmony with nature, Oasis Boutique Hotel is situated on the coastline, nestled among the exuberant vegetation of a century-old park. It is very close to Riviera Beach Hotel, the tennis courts, the fish restaurant and the Arcada BBQ.


Oasis Hotel is the first and the last (for now) hotel in the history of Riviera Holiday Club.

It is the first one, because it was opened in 1956 as a government residence. 
And it is the last one, because in June 2009 it was completely renovated to become the newest hotel in the resort.

The boutique concept shows through every detail of the hotel - the architecture, the interior design, and the service package. In the furniture and accessories luxury lovers would recognize the style of leading trademarks from Belgium, Italy and Holland. There are 5 rooms and 15 suites to meet their exquisite taste, two of which have balconies extending above the sea shore.

Here all guests are welcomed, serviced and seen off with a smile! And it all comes naturally because we are ready to meet all your expectations and we have a solution for all your wishes.

We offer a sports & wellness center with a gym, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, massage therapies, meeting halls, lobby and pool bar.

Main attractions in Oasis Boutique Hotel are the infinity-swimming pool which is almost merging with the sea and the La Terrasse restaurant which is in a Mediterranean style and offers a menu in the same style. One of the advantages of the restaurant is the spacious open-air terrace with a picturesque coastal view.

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